Warm Chocolate Oatmeal

Trying to come up with the easiest version of warm oatmeal for breakfast! This recipe is really easy, fast & beyond exquisite. Details: 3/4 cup of oats on a stove in 1 cup of water… View Post

Why i stopped losing weight

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Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can be very stressful -like having an unexpected baby- if you aren’t prepared for that kind of responsibility. Sadly enough, I have seen so many families giving up on their pets because… View Post

Your TOP 7 Diet Mistakes

Restricting Food/calories Disrupting your metabolism & energy through out the day. I had a client who wanted desperately to lose weight & all she did was restricting her self to only one meal/day & binging… View Post

Fighting Acne with food

I have lived so many years in full-fledged acne party running on my forehead. I know most of us suffer from acne especially in summer & its so FRUSTRATING.Surprisingly, The food we eat & our… View Post