I participated in the biggest, baddest & most epic obstacle race in the industry! On the 22nd of September 2018, Me, ahmad & our friend “Joe” booked a flight to London to attend “TOUGH MUDDER… View Post

Banana Overnight Oats

  This is one of my all time favorite oats recipes. Took me a while to love oats because I didn’t know how to cook them. I didn’t know whether I like them cooked or… View Post

Becoming REAL

Becoming REAL Because we are living in a REAL world, We may not be able to tap ourselves with a magic wand & instantly achieve our weight loss dreams. We reach that level of achieving… View Post

Why Kettlebells?

Living in 2018, Most of us are required to sit on a desk for many hours during the day because of our jobs and technology. And as a result, our posture is compromised, our movement… View Post


I had a lot of clients asking me about the “Target fat burning zone” that they need to calculate to burn that extra body fat. If you aren’t familiar with the theory, it stated that… View Post