No Bake Energy Balls

This easy & healthy recipe is a perfect option for pre or post workout snacking! And if you get the chance to make a big batch & store them in the freezer, Your life will… View Post

What Counts more than CALORIES!!

Reading a nutritional label is good but focusing only on the total calories is a big BOMB. Back in 2016, I thought I ate 80% clean with very limited carb intake (that is what I… View Post

Going on a Gratitude Run

My mind is a real racer & day-by-day I always feel that I need to get faster. I am always in hurry, always rushing to go to work, complete a workout, cook a meal or… View Post


We skipped the BIG wedding for a small reception by the beach instead! Ahmad & I decided that a small intimate reception wedding was the right thing for us. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE… View Post


“It’s not an easy task to feel right in a world that body-shames and slut-shames and shame-shame-shames everyone into feeling deeply, inherently wrong” Working against my body since 2015 & couldn’t even notice what I was… View Post