A Letter to myself

Trimester 3 I have been feeling the heaviest in my life. I can’t continue a single sentence without grasping for air. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my own body until I entered trimester 3. Getting out of bed was hard. Tying my shoelaces was impossible. Fitting in any of my clothes was out of question

BUT…. Make no mistake- magic happens here.

I did my workouts until 1 week before delivery. Shifted my workouts to more walks starting week 34  & felt incredible. My body was a cozy home for my baby girl for the past 9 months. This body held those extra body fat that was needed to grow life in my womb.

Postpartum: My nipples are cracked & bleeding. Birth recovery was harder than I expected. I am usually eating one handed & carrying my baby on the other hand. I don’t know what day it is, I am nursing my baby around the clock.

I have learnt what “tired” actually means.

I experienced “baby blues” & cried for feeling happy, tired, overwhelmed, shocked, in pain.

BUT… I am





I am the happiest I have every been & i cant wait to see the world from Zizi’s eyes J

My girl is the greatest gift I have ever received. Yes I might be bigger & softer from the outside BUT I am also happier & more content from the inside

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish”


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