One Step Closer

As a new mom, many of us want or have the desire to get back in shape & feel like our old selves again. Do you know where the real problem is?  It’s that we… View Post

Welcome to My Truth

2009 Spoiled rotten chubby shy girl  A master at eating my feelings An average student  Economics & political science graduate working a corporate 9-5 Job in marketing  LOST with no ambition or passion 2021 Technical… View Post

In loving memory of 7abebi – BABA

I got a phone call from my mother in Feb 2020 telling me that dad has fell suddenly in the bathroom & couldn’t feel his legs.  I knew deep down this time that its going… View Post

A Letter to myself

Trimester 3 I have been feeling the heaviest in my life. I can’t continue a single sentence without grasping for air. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my own body until I entered trimester… View Post

Easy DIY Salad Dressing

Is there anything more cheerful than a nice bowl of salad filled with a wealth of colors, shapes & different textures of fruits and veggies? There is no limit to how salads can bring harmony… View Post