Body Authenticity

Feeling confident, strong & worthy is sometimes tough. Being attacked by family or friends who criticize every move you make, every action you take is exhausting.

It took me years to realize that working out is not a punishment for eating crap. I slipped into the world of picture-perfect & fed my brain with a distorted body image.  I thought: if I am pursuing a career in health & fitness, I should be flawless. I hated my body, I hated my thick thighs, I hated my skin. I worked against my body & fed my brain.

Finally, Global movements have taken place from big brands/influencers to promote acceptance for body image. That’s fantastic BUT the thing is that most of them are promoting the idea of body love & healing your relationship with your body means just replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts! WHAT THE F*U#K! So you are encouraged to flip your brain, move on & love your body the way it is now. EASY!

First of all—how on earth would that be possible, to easily replace your inner daemons with a positive & happy mindset? Surely it doesn’t work that way.  I have met young beautiful successful women who decided not to take pictures anymore because they can’t stand seeing themselves anymore. They hate the way they dress, they hate the way they feel about themselves, and they just want to be invisible.

Negative body image leads to binge eating & it can lead to chronic depression. It’s a constant negative state of mind that gets darker day by day. I am in no place to speak about depression or to play the psychologist role. But beautiful ladies… you need to keep reading.

Your body is a beautiful piece of art that is engineered to help you move, dance & achieve your biggest dreams. Your body has never failed you; it has never worked against you. Your body will excel if you treat it with respect. Your body will flourish if you provided it with the right fuel. Exercise & nutrition is not about looking good in that dress, it’s much deeper than that.

Move often & feed yourself well. Be proactive & just don’t give in your negative thoughts. Move away from lack of sleep, over stress, pain, bad relationships & depressing jobs.

This process requires hard work but it’s up to you to start making a positive move towards helping yourself out.

I remind my clients every time they come to my class to honor their bodies & to give themselves a HI-FIVE for taking an action T.O.D.A.Y to take care of themselves & their bodies. Its hard SHIT but its totally worth it. Self-care and healthy habits are a hell of a lot easier when you feel truly worthy and like yourself.

You have a beautiful body and to value it only on its aesthetic appearance would be tragic. The beauty of life is more than skin deep


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