Dahab Fitness Camp

Last weekend I teamed up with Mohamed Khatib (I Coach founder) & took our team to Dahab on a long weekend fitness camp. Dahab is one of the best diving destinations in Egypt, known for… View Post

YOUR 5 Weightloss Mistakes

Not eating, drinking or sleeping enough Many of us tend to go onto very restrictive diets & dive into that mental state of “punishment” in hopes to loss weight rapidly. What happens is that eating… View Post

Animal Flow – Part 1

If I would describe animal flow class in a sentence, I would say “ Poetry of motion”. At the very beginning when I found out about “Animal flow” online, I was fascinated by their cool… View Post

Why i stopped losing weight

We all understand that diet and exercise are our secret weapons for achieving our long-term dreams of losing excess body fat. At least that is what the entire world is talking about. Since the beginning… View Post


I participated in the biggest, baddest & most epic obstacle race in the industry! On the 22nd of September 2018, Me, ahmad & our friend “Joe” booked a flight to London to attend “TOUGH MUDDER… View Post