Why Kettlebells?

Living in 2018, Most of us are required to sit on a desk for many hours during the day because of our jobs and technology. And as a result, our posture is compromised, our movement… View Post


I had a lot of clients asking me about the “Target fat burning zone” that they need to calculate to burn that extra body fat. If you aren’t familiar with the theory, it stated that… View Post

What Counts more than CALORIES!!

Reading a nutritional label is good but focusing only on the total calories is a big BOMB. Back in 2016, I thought I ate 80% clean with very limited carb intake (that is what I… View Post

Going on a Gratitude Run

My mind is a real racer & day-by-day I always feel that I need to get faster. I am always in hurry, always rushing to go to work, complete a workout, cook a meal or… View Post