Easy DIY Salad Dressing

Is there anything more cheerful than a nice bowl of salad filled with a wealth of colors, shapes & different textures of fruits and veggies?

There is no limit to how salads can bring harmony to a meal but we also often stick to 1-2 recipes we know & eventually get bored eating that salad.

These recipes are for those of you who are starting to add more greens to their meals & have no idea where to start 🙂

Basic Olive oil & lemon dressing

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 lemon squeezed

Salt & pepper to taste

Honey Balsamic

3 Tablespoons of Balsamic Vineger

1 Teaspoon of honey

Pinch of black pepper

½ garlic clove crushed (optional)

Creamy Yoghurt Dressing

1 Yoghurt Cup

1 Tablespoon of mustard

½ Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar

Honey according to your preference

Cumin & White vinegar

½ Tablespoon of cumin

3 tablespoons of vinegar

**Add spring onions for an extra kick

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