Eating for Energy – Ramadan 19

Energy begins with food that is nourishing & natural. The five senses add to the vibrancy of food, which is an added source of energy. The highest kind of energy comes from the joy of eating, which calls your mind & emotions”

What should I eat in Ramadan to lose weight?

What should my portions be like?

Do I need to eat sohoor or does it add up to my belly fat?

Is metabolism really down while I am fasting?

I just cant have if tar without a cup of coffee & my favorite dessert. H.E.L.P

I am writing a couple of articles this month to address those questions but in a different vision than what you always see online. Before Ramadan, Most online publishers will post a lot of articles talking about how much fat you need, how much hours of moving you need & what your plate should look like. And every year we ask ourselves the same question, what should I eat & not eat in Ramadan.

Your body needs fuel, so the theme of energy “calories” begins. But lets think of energy as a bigger theme, the food that we eat should add positive experience, vibrancy & actually give US more energy. Food is far beyond sugar levels & calories; it’s far beyond replacing sugar with natural sweeteners.

If we can take one step at a time to focus on our emotions & change our relationship with food, our choices & our happiness will follow.

  • Eat to feel energized, not DULL (You know that feeling when you finish an entire pizza alone?)
  • Choose lighter food options that has less heavy animal based fats & white sugars
  • Choose the freshest ingredients first to start your meal with (Example: Veggies and fresh salads)
  • Pay close attention to what you’re eating when eating with family & friends. Allow time to chew and feel the taste & give time to talk and socialize.
  • Satisfy as many of your senses as you can, including smell, texture & color.

Try not to:

  • Stuff yourself with too much food because you love all what’s on the table as if it’s the last day on earth you get the chance to eat that ma7shy 😀
  • Shovel your food in without enjoying every bite.
  • Neglect the visual aspect of your attractive plate & rather engage yourself in a heated conversation with your family while swallowing.

“As fresh as possible, without dullness, repetition & routine.

As colorful as possible, giving delight to the eyes. Food is a rainbow brought down to earth

As cheerful as possible, maximizing moments of happiness & pleasure. There’s wisdom in the proverb “Better to eat straw in a manger than a feast in a house of discord”

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