Fighting Acne with food

I have lived so many years in full-fledged acne party running on my forehead. I know most of us suffer from acne especially in summer & its so FRUSTRATING.Surprisingly, The food we eat & our body fat cells plays a HUGE role in sebum secretion (oil) on our skin.

What to eat to reduce acne?

  • Eating whole plant food (and ditching highly processed) helps in reducing acne like fruits and vegetables.
  • Not overeating: Is directly associated with less sebum (oil) production on the skin.
  • Eat Cocoa: No I don’t mean indulging on chocolates(I really wished) . Include dark chocolate in your meal plan as its proved to improve blood flow & skin hydration.
  • Healthy gut = Healthy skin. Include healthy fats like nuts/olive oil/avocados & increase your intake of fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Experiment on eliminating wheat/sugar & dairy for a month & see how it’s going to affect your skin.
  • Green tea: Can suppress enzymes and androgens involved in acne formation. It’s also anti-inflammatory.
  • Include spices like ginger, turmeric & cinnamon & fresh herbs like garlic, oregano & basil.

Experiment on yourself & let me know if it worked for you xx


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