Going on a Gratitude Run

My mind is a real racer & day-by-day I always feel that I need to get faster. I am always in hurry, always rushing to go to work, complete a workout, cook a meal or even take a shower. The only time that I really feel I slowed down is the last hour before I go to bed. I am usually alone at home soaking in my book, I take a shower & I go to sleep.


They say running is “cheaper than therapy” as it clears your mind, reduces stress, anxiety & a big MOOD BOOSTER. I am not writing today to list the benefits of running nor encourage you to get off your feet now & have a run.

I am writing today to share with you my “Gratitude run”. YES, exactly like it sounds! I have developed a habit of running once a week with an intention of gratitude.

This run is usually slow at my own pace with no headphones on. I start slowly & gradually by paying attention to my surroundings & to my breathing.


Then I slowly start thinking about what I am grateful for today. It usually starts with BIG things I am grateful for until i reach very small things I don’t usually pay attention to.


Here is an example to help you try it out

  • Paying attention to my steps, my breathing, my surrounding (The smell, the colors, the weather…etc)
  • General Gratitude
  • People: Having a supportive family
  • Job: Having a stable job & being very passionate about it
  • Home: Having a safe home
  • Money: Being able to afford the food that I eat & the expenses that I need daily
  • Then start paying attention to the small things you usually don’t pay attention to like
  • Breathing: Being grateful that to inhale & exhale automatically without any pain
  • My legs: Being able to carry me everyday
  • Sense of sight: for letting me see everything in life
  • Sense of hearing: for being able to listen to all the voices around me especially music
  • For my dog: for teaching me how to love unconditionally

You can also start practicing that while walking if you aren’t into running xoxo



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