Simple Summer Smoothies


I drink smoothies & I gain weight

Why does all store-bought smoothies taste better than my homemade smoothies?

I eat healthy and clean but I am still adding extra kgs of fat. What’s wrong?

Whenever I finish my smoothie, I feel extremely hungry

Do you recall any of those questions above? Well, my friends, truth is that most store smoothies are sugar BOMBS even if they are labelled “healthy” WHAAA!

Why? Because fruit alone has a considerable amount of sugar & to add the yummy taste, stores add on more honey or dates that will only spike your sugar levels UP leaving you with that sugar rush (like eating a chocolate) & feeling hungry afterwards.

Smoothies are an excellent way to control your cravings, keep your blood sugar maintained & above all TREAT IT LIKE A MEAL REPLACEMENT, not a snack 🙂
Before buying or making any smoothie, Make sure your smoothie has the following to ensure your blood sugar stays balanced.
·       Greens
·       Fiber like flaxseeds
·       Fruit
·       Liquid like water or milk
·       Fat like nut butter
**Protein is also very important if you are looking for a complete meal but to be honest, in Egypt we don’t have organic, non toxic protein powders (If it happens that you have access to imported protein powders – look for sunwarrior or shakeology & add 1 scoop to your shake)
The Very berry Smoothie
·       1 Frozen small banana + handful of frozen berries (get it from any big supermarket)
·       1 cup of cold water or milk
·       Handful of any greens (tried arugula) – I promise you want taste it
·       Teaspoon of flax seeds (optional- it is a major hormone helper ladies!)
**For a complete meal, Add ½ avocado or  drizzle coconut oil
The Hulk Green Smoothie
·       1 Frozen small banana + 1/4 red apple
·       1 cup of cold water
·       Handful of spinach (It will only turn green, no taste at all)
The Tropical Pinneapple Smoothie
·       1 Frozen small banana + handful of frozen pinneapple (get it from any big supermarket)
·       1/2 cup of cold water or coconut water .. YUM!
·       Handful of any greens (tried lettuce)
·      Teaspoon of chia seeds (optional- packed with omega 3 )

Pro Tip: You can replace water with any milk for a more dense meal & you can add coconut oil/avocado/rawnuts or peanut butter for a complete meal


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