I had a lot of clients asking me about the “Target fat burning zone” that they need to calculate to burn that extra body fat.

If you aren’t familiar with the theory, it stated that during your workout you should exercise at a moderate 60-70 percent of your MAX heart rate to burn FAT. Meaning that its better to exercise on a low intensity to make our bodies utilize fats instead of sugars.

Well.. That’s utter crap because…

  • Even though a higher % of fat calories are used during low intensity exercises (like walking), The total fat calories used during high intensity exercises is greater because more overall calories are burned (Compare a 60 min run to a 60 min walk, who burns more?)
  • If you exercise at a high intensity, Your body will burn far more calories long after the workout is over, This is called “The after burn effect”. One of the really cool things about training at a higher intensity is that it boosts your metabolism all day long so that you are burning more during your rest periods.

So whats best for you?

Working at 85% of your MAX heart rate while training.

How can you calculate that?

Subtract your age from the number 220, This will give you your max heart rate.

0.85 x Your Max heart rate = 85% of your max heart rate

You don’t need a heart rate monitor to track this, even though it’s much easier. You can stop & count your heartbeat for 6 seconds during your training & multiply it by 10.

Even easier way to track it: You shouldn’t be gasping for air while working out, but carrying on a conversation should be a real struggle.

At the end, Getting out of your comfort zone & pushing through a challenging workout will not only benefit your body but also your mind & soul 🙂 #keeppushing



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