Welcome to My Truth


Spoiled rotten chubby shy girl 

A master at eating my feelings

An average student 

Economics & political science graduate working a corporate 9-5 Job in marketing

 LOST with no ambition or passion


Technical Director at HERS Studios

First Egyptian Cheerobics Instructor and Global Head Instructor

First Egyptian KONGA Instructor and Middle East Master Trainer.

Head Coach and Group Fitness Instructor

Passionate about cooking

Fur Mama & Zizi’s Mama

Fit but has a soft spot for Pizza

It all started when I felt like I was living a double life. Trapped in a cyclic existence of my 9-5 job where the only good part about it was when I sat in my office and read about health and fitness before my colleagues arrived. Whereas night I felt liberated! I wrapped myself around the comfort of my own skin without the suffocation. In 2010 I got certified for Cheerobics, but was horrified at the idea of introducing a new concept to Egypt.

It took me a long dreadful year to make a move! I was put downtimes and times over, as I approached gyms with the concept. 6 months later, by sheer coincidence, I taught my first class and the feedback was great hence the start of Cheerobics. Not Long after, I decided to WOMAN the fuck up, take a leap of faith, quit my corporate job, and focus on cheerobics- in parallel to coaching functional training. It was by far the biggest, and most definitely the best step is taken.

to be continued…..


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