What Counts more than CALORIES!!

Reading a nutritional label is good but focusing only on the total calories is a big BOMB. Back in 2016, I thought I ate 80% clean with very limited carb intake (that is what I thought) but I was shocked when i visited my nutritionist & she surprisingly showed me that I nearly ate 13 spoons of sugar everyday! WHAA! A tea spoon of honey, some brown rice, some beans, a small chocolate bar… ETC, All contributed to a carb overload without even noticing.

Instead of dwelling into food labels, Let me advise you with ONE simple way to screen all the options you see in a day in any food labels. Look only at the ratio of carbs to protein. Set a goal of having a ratio of “ONE GRAM OF CARBS FOR EVERY GRAM OF PROTEIN”

Most cereals, Snacks, chocolates have a 10 to 1 ratio. Try as much as possible to avoid food with a ratio higher than 5 to 1 carbs to protein.

This method is not the perfect way to evaluate food. But it’s a decent shortcut on getting one step closer to reducing your overall carb intake xoxo


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