Why Kettlebells?

Living in 2018, Most of us are required to sit on a desk for many hours during the day because of our jobs and technology. And as a result, our posture is compromised, our movement is compromised & our health is compromised.

We are bipedal – meant to walk & stand on 2 legs & when your body is seated for a long period of time, Your body begins to recognize that position as correct & as complex as our bodies are, your body will adapt & will gradually shorten your hip flexors, shoulders and hips. Ever felt after sitting for hours on a computer that you are having hard time standing upright? Fortunately the kettle bell swing exercise addresses all major problems caused by sitting (As the swing is the exact opposite of sitting down)

Also kettlebell training provides the benefits of regular free weights (barbells, dumbells) plus a lot more as it allows for greater range of motion, increasing your mobility & flexibility compared to a dumbbell.

Kettlebells recruits more muscle groups compared to dumbbell exercises & is an excellent tool for explosive power.

Kettlebell engages more muscles and can help us re learn ideal movement dynamics.But what is ideal movement dynamics?

Movement quality is often an ignored topic (Do you see how teenagers walk?). Ideal movement means moving better, smoother & effortlessly in a full range of motion. It’s the ability to squat, lunge or reach over to get something from the ground without straining.

Kettlebells help people move better. xx


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