YOUR 5 Weightloss Mistakes

Not eating, drinking or sleeping enough

Many of us tend to go onto very restrictive diets & dive into that mental state of “punishment” in hopes to loss weight rapidly. What happens is that eating very little will actually increase your cravings, worsen your mood, affect your energy levels & decrease your metabolism.

Not listening to your body

With all the busy life & responsibilities craze that might be imposed on us, we often forget how to connect with ourselves. I remember feeling like a robot at one moment where I used to eat, drive & work without giving myself a change to feel what I have to feel. I was just on an autopilot mode.

Listening to your body requires slowing down & paying attention to your body signals (low energy, oily skin, irritated gut…etc).

All or nothing rule

You are either snacking on a bag of celery sticks & broccoli soup for dinner or pizza partying all day, all night. If you went off the line for a meal, nothing is wrong with that, restart the engine & move forward.

Having a deadline

While your weight loss program/exercise might have a start and end date, your journey to becoming the best version of yourself mentally & physically shouldn’t have a date. Its amazing to have checkpoints where you can celebrate success & milestones but truly always think you are “work in progress”

Defining yourself by a scale number

Scale to me is like the real monster. Scale is the energy SUCKER. How many of you went on a healthy eating & exercise plan & thought they were doing great & once they got onto that scale, everything crashed & demotivation founds its way to conquer you.

Scale is just an estimate; as it doesn’t really know how to calculate bloating, water retention, and menstrual cycles. Not to mention that I can be thinner on a scale if I decided the night before to cut food at 3 pm & not workout.

It’s not easy & its HARD WORK. Focus one day at time, one workout at a time, one foot in front of the other. There is never a FINISH LINE, but there is consistency line that we walk through every single day.


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