Your TOP 7 Diet Mistakes

Restricting Food/calories

Disrupting your metabolism & energy through out the day. I had a client who wanted desperately to lose weight & all she did was restricting her self to only one meal/day & binging on a 5000-calorie food after 2 weeks. The cycle went on & on because she wasn’t aware that cutting off important nutrients will leave her craving all day, off mood & not making good food choices.

Setting unrealistic goals

Like losing those 10 kg before your best friend wedding (That is suppose to be in less than a month). Starving yourself & beating yourself up is the first step for destructive body image.

Obsessing over the scale

I admit I was one of them; I used to wake up every morning, Go to the bathroom, check my abs in the mirror & get on a scale. That scale defined my daily mood, not realizing that it is really just an average number. Did you know that some days you could weight more just because you have water retention or your next menstrual cycle is approaching? The best way to measure yourself is getting on a scale every few months (measuring your body fat & muscle mass) & taking pictures of yourself from all angels.

Following a trendy diet

Whether it is intermittent fasting, Keto or Paleo diets. The problem here is not the diet itself but its trying out a diet without getting all the information on how to follow it properly. Keto is good for certain body types & intermittent fasting needs a really committed person to always measure “The 8 hour window”

 Loading up on low fat, lite, 0% fat products

That is what we call “The chemical shit storm” that is bombarding us from the food industry. Fats doesn’t make us fat, in fact if you are trying to lose weight, eating healthy fats supports weight loss.

**Simple advice: If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, Don’t eat it.

Skipping breakfast for coffee

I can name now 10 of my friends just on the top of my head when I think about coffee and skipping breakfast. Drinking coffee & eating your first meal midday is the formula for an unhealthy lifestyle. If you can’t eat breakfast, Load up on veggies and fruits & BLEND!

Failing to plan

If I have the chance to only pass one advice to successful weight loss, It would be “Meal prepping”. You wont imagine how its important to plan your meals ahead & how easy your life will be if your meals is ready in the fridge every day & all you have to do is grab and GO! xx


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